About MadSword DiVision


  • 160+ games
  • WeGame Awards 2019 Winner - Best VR Game
  • 20 000 000 + downloads
  • “Best Game 2016” Award in AppStore
  • Steam Greenlight project
  • First developed blockchain project in Baltics


MadSword was founded by Andrey Pelipenko (CTO), Leonard Kvyatkovsky (Producer), Andrey Birzgals (Art Director) and Dmitry Odumanov (Game designer) in 2012 as indie game development company. Steam Defense was the first big project of the company.

In 2013 MadSword started cooperation with Vasco Games publisher. In total, there were 160+ mobile games created on Unity. The most popular title was Curse of the Pharaoh.

One of the biggest projects was Zebrainy ABCs, an educational game for kids. Zebrainy ABC achieves Apples Best App 2016 reward. MadSword was developer and co-owner of Zebrainy.

In 2017 MadSword dived in blokchain development. The biggest blockchain project was Blockchain Cuties - collectible crypto game with adventures. This is the first game ever available on 5 blockchains: Ethereum, EOS, Tron, NEO and Polygon. Blockchain Cuties was created together with external producer Vladimir Tomko.

In 2018 MadSword was split into MadSword DiVision (fully owned by Andrey Pelipenko) and MadSword Studios.

Currently MadSword DiVision is mostly specialized in

  • Blockchain games development
  • Smart contract development & audit
  • Architecture&Security consulting

Games by MadSword