About MadSword


  • 160+ games
  • WeGame Awards 2019 Winner - Best VR Game
  • 20 000 000 + downloads
  • “Best Game 2016” Award in AppStore
  • Steam Greenlight project


  • AAA mobile projects with Apple and Google featuring
  • 9 years together as a team
  • One of the biggest gamedev company in the country
  • Unity SDK for social network development
  • Augmented reality app
  • VR Games and Demos
  • Experience in developing multiplayer strategy “1100AD” with more than 5 mln players worldwide:
    • project architecture
    • psychological portrait of a strategy player
    • payment stimulation methods
    • analysis of weaknesses in game


  • Size and performance optimizations
  • System for analytics
  • Payment and social systems integration
  • Game server development
  • Multiplayer
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • LOD (runtime level of detail adjustment)
  • 2D backgrounds, characters, maps, UI
  • Localizations, sounds, music, voice
  • Stable production pipeline
  • Game engine development
  • Automated Testing


  • Mobile: iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, Blackberry
  • Social: Steam, Facebook, VK.com, OK.ru, Kongregate
  • PC: Windows, MacOsX, Linux
  • WebGL
  • VR: Oculus, HTC Vive, Gear VR

Services and Offers

  • Educational Games for Children: Games for children of any age to raise logical, mathematical, physical, chemical, and biological skill levels. Zebrainy ABCs by Apple as Best App 2016
  • Outsource and big games: Fixed price, net cost or partnership Competent in creating games from concept to release + support.
  • Audit and Consulting: We offer technical audit of services and game development quality
  • Outstaffing: We can provide wide range of specialists

MadSword was founded by old-school gamers and indie developers, who started their game development career in 199x, in the world of 64KB RAM limit and 1.44 MB diskettes.

We have been playing games, starting from legacy consoles and ending up with phones. From the very childhood we've been drawn to creativity. It all began with hex editor that helps get infinite ammo in shooters, invulnerability, custom enemy skins and other pranks. We have been designing levels for Counter-Strike, maps for Heroes, throwing night-long LAN parties playing on our creations. We were running home servers on early version of PHP, messing around with OpenGL and PhysX.

We realized over time though that it’s more interesting to create our own rather than trying to beat someone else’s records. We are gamers and we want to make games that are fun to play.

Now we make free-to-play games for mobile, social, PC and consoles. Our team has experience in creating casual, mid-core, social, cross-platform, multiplayer, KPI driven games. The development studio employs programmers, artists, game and content designers. We can produce game clients, servers, social integrations, multiplayer, websites, handle feedback and crash reports.

Games by MadSword